please forgive me, because i can’t forgive myself.

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  • Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Kid: Happy.
  • Teacher: I don't think you understand the question.
  • Kid: I don't think you understand life.
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What is love to you? Have you ever been in love?

love is when you care about that person more than yourself, more than anything. when you are perfectly happy in the moment with them and you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else but in there arms. when everything seems to be going wrong, but it is right because you are with them. when nothing about them make sense, except for the fact that they have your heart. when no matter what anyone tells you, it doesn’t change how you feel about them. when they bring out the side of you that no one else gets to see. love is silly. but one could not be without it. love is the best adventure.

*yes i have been in love.

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